Polly’s Scary Trip by Nurin A'ina (Kak Long)

Ok, cerita yang kak long tulis ni agak merapu, eh bukan agak, tapi memang merapu!. It is a fiction story. Selalu sangat baca buku-buku fiction. Lepas umi baca cerita kak long, umi sit down dengan kak long dan bagitau mana yang salah dan bercanggah dengan Islam. Contohnya, 'wish star' which is not as Islam practice. As a muslim we have Doa, and Allah is the only one who makes our dream or wish comes true. Kak long jawab memang dia tahu, tapi she just making a story she said. And she promise to make a more Islamic story after this..stay tuned!

Bagus jugak bila biar anak-anak berimaginasi dan membuat cerita-cerita macam ni. Kita dapat tahu apa yang diaorang tahu and what's in her mind actually. And we as parents to betulkan mana yang salah, dan inform mana yang diaorang tak tahu. Inilah cabaran bila berada di luar negara. Bercampur gaul dengan kanak-kanak dari negara-negara lain dan expose to others culture / religion which is ada yang bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam.

Ok, marilah baca. Bagi yang ada sakit jantung, jangan ambil risiko untuk baca. Sebab sangat-sangat menakutkan! hi hi hi hi

Polly's Scary Trip
by Nurin A'ina (10 years old)

Once upon time, there was a girl name Polly. And one day, her mom said “We are going on a camping trip tonight, Polly.”  

       “Yeay! We are going on a trip  today!” she shouted excitedly. She went upstairs and packed her things quickly. When everything is ready, her mom put everything in the back of the car. Polly went into the car and sat down excitedly  She never have a camping trip before. And they set off.

          Polly kept her eyes open, even though she is a little bit sleepy. “Mom, are we there yet?” asked Polly. “Not yet.” Said mom. “Mind if I take a nap?” asked sleepy Polly. Mom reply “ Of course, honey.” So Polly lie down to take a nap. Then something disturb her sleep. “ Wake up sleepyhead! We’re here!” Polly open her eyes. They were trees surrounded her. Sure enough, she was in a forest. She took her stuff out of the car, and help her mom to set up the camp ready.

          After that, they have some smoars for dinner, tell some scary stories and went to bed. But Polly can’t go to sleep. She toss and turn. “ I can’t go to sleep mom.” She told her mother. The mother yawn, “Why don’t read a storybook then?” “But, I don’t bring any.” replied Polly. Her mom ignored her, and went back to sleep. Polly signed. What else she can do? She went to the back of the car and saw a microscope. Then she had an idea. Instead of sleeping, she would look at the stars!

       She took it out and set it up. She start to look at the stars. They were beautiful. She remembered her grandmother used to said, “ If you wish upon a star, then your wish will come true.” Of course, Polly believed her. “ Maybe if what grandma said was true, then I would do it!” Polly exclaimed.

          She stare at the star and ready to make a wish. “ I wish for…” But, right before she could start, there was something run past her. Polly look right and left. Her heart beat was beating faster. “ He…hello?” Polly  was shivering. Nothing. ‘Maybe I was imagining it.’ Thought Polly, trying to calm herself down. She continue wishing. Suddenly, the bushes start rustling. It made Polly shocked. She was scared half-death.

Suddenly, Polly saw a huge creature that pop out of the bushes, and everything went black...
        Polly open her eyes. She was in a mysterious castle. But not only that! She is in a dungeon. It has cobwebs everywhere. Lots of skeletons and insects. It’s creepy and damp in there. And very dark. Polly sat there,  leaning against the wall and started to cry. “ Why do I left my mother? Now I’m really in a BIG trouble! I will be killed by that big monster and it will gobble me up!”Suddenly, she heard a low voice, “ I’m sorry I locked you up in this prison cell.”

          Polly was surprised. “ Who are you?!” “ I’m Darmagon, a Minataur, but a GOOD Minataur, not the bad ones.” The creature replied. Polly said, “ So, why have you caught me? To eat me?” Darmagon said sadly, “ No, I don’t eat humans.Because I’m alone. I don’t have anyone who could cheer me up, no one to have dinner with me, to play with me and no one to take care of me!” Darmagon began to cry. Polly began to think of an idea to cheer Darmagon up, and to let herself free.

        Then she had an idea! A splendid idea. “ Darmagon, if you let me out of this prison cell, I will do cheer you up, or have dinner with you, or play with you and take care of you! And that’s a deal. Deal?” “ Deal!” Darmagon said happily! He was surprised that this human being was different from the others. Others scream for their lives, but Polly didn’t scream, or run away, this human being has a strong heart, and a heavy feeling. She is very kind and brave. Darmagon let Polly out of the dungeon.

         For a past few days, Polly become attached to Darmagon. They told scary stories before bed time, and telling jokes. They loved playing hide and seek. Polly had keep Darmagon company.
Meanwhile, Polly’s mother was really worried about her daughter. She called for her husband to come to the forest where they had camping before and search for Polly. But she was nowhere to be seen. “ I should never done this to my child!” cried Polly’s mother. “ Don’t worry, we will find her. I’ll call the police to help us out.” Said Polly’s father, who secretly worried himself.
        They call ‘999’ and after fifteen minutes later, the police came in a hurry and Polly’s mom told everything to the police about the camping trip. “Don’t worry, we will find her quickly as we can.” The policeman said. They keep searching, and searching, and searching all day. As they getting deeper into the forest, they saw a trail of huge footprints that belong to a monster. They followed the footprints. Then it start raining and they heard thunders. But, before long, when they look up they saw a huge castle.
       Suddenly, they heard a cheerful voice, “ Catch me! Catch me!” Then they heard a low cheerful laughed that scared everybody. Polly’s mom recognize that voice. It was Polly! “ Oh no! Polly is in that castle, and maybe a monster has captured her during the night of camping!” cried Polly’s mom. “ Maybe you’re right, let’s go and save her, before she gets eaten by the monster!” said one of the policeman. They ran up to the house and knock the door. Polly looked out of the window. “ Oh no! My mom and dad had come to search for me in here. They even bring the police! If they found you here, they will kill you!” “What should I do?” said Darmagon in a shock. Polly began to think. “ You will hide, and I open the door and tell them that I’m lost and that I found this castle to stay until they come. OK?” Darmagon nodded nervously. He hide behind the large stairs and wait. Polly opened the door and let out a fake cry.

           “ Oh my darling Polly!” cried Polly’s mom, hugging her daughter tightly. “ Are you hurt by the monster?” “What monster? I didn’t see any monster.” Lied Polly. “But…but we heard a growl.” Said Polly’s mom. “ Maybe that’s just a lion, taking a nap.”lied Polly again. “ And before that, why are you saying, ‘Catch me! Catch me!’ cheerfully?”asked Polly’s dad, suspiciusly. Polly think of a way to reply. “ I was remembering about me and my friends playing catch.” Lied Polly, again. “ Well then, no more questions, lets go home now.” Said one of the policeman. The walked away from the castle, and Polly waved secretly to Darmagon. “ Mom, can we go camping again in the same place in the day before we camped, someday, please?” “OK. But no more incidents when we going camping.” Said mom. “ Right!” Whenever she is going camping, she secretly plan to go and visited her new monster friend- Darmagon.

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