10 Tips for Children to Commemorate Prophet’s Life

Jgn ingat Nabi kita masa smbut maulud nabi je yer. Patutnya kita kena ingat nabi selalu everyday. Amalkan sunnah baginda setiap hari dlm kehidupan kita. 

Kenalkan / ajarkan anak2 kita ttg sunnah nabi sejak dari kecil. Ceritakan kisah2 nabi setiap hari. 


Talking about Prophet Muhammad's life and following his footsteps should be a daily practice for Muslim families as we continue to love, respect and obey the Apostle of Allah, as the human being who was chosen by our Lord to perfect the religion of Islam.
Here are ten tips to have your children learning about and the loving Prophet Muhammad, which can be used all year round.
And for those who are homeschooling, these tips can add to the enriching experience of home-based education, nurturing the family to grow into a cohesive unit that loves and hates for the sake of Allah.

1. A Deed a Day
Speaking to our children about Prophet Muhammad in everything we do helps them follow the footsteps of the final Messenger of Allah to do it conscientiously and with full of love.
Send your writing contribution as a mother, father, son or daughter about how you follow Prophet Muhammad's footsteps by e-mailing the editor via this address.
The "A Deed a Day" initiative is a good way to start emulating the Prophet, as he (peace and blessings be upon him) encouraged believers to engage in good deeds even if it was as small as smiling to another brother or sister.
Consciously thinking of a good deed every day raises awareness and love of Prophet Muhammad's life, as it stated repeatedly in the Qur'an that we are to follow the way of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).
Having children think up a Deed a Day and see it through imbues their love for Allah's Messenger, and to stand by his teachings of the Prophetic Sunnah. Of course, it pays to get creative thinking of good deeds that are a little different or out of the way, like calling on a neighbor to help clean his or her yard. And if a Deed a Day becomes too easy, one can always upgrade to "Two Deeds a Day," and so on so forth.

2. Bedtime Seerah Stories
Bedtimes stories are a norm in close-knit families. Instead of reading Goodnight Moon and the like, replace bedtime stories with stories of Prophet Muhammad's life.
Listening to stories of Allah's Messenger before dozing off, allows children to take messages of the Prophet with them, after a long busy day.

3. Travel the World
Travelling the world from the comfort of your home helps increase knowledge and brings us closer to Allah, the way Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would have wanted.
Prophet Muhammad spoke at lengths about the great diversity found  in this world, and how we should seek knowledge all the way to China. And sure enough, it's a great, wide world out there, with so many things to learn.
Create your own passports and decide where you wish to go, maybe on a monthly basis. And with the help of a globe, atlases, encyclopedias and the internet, do some research on the communities within the country. Learn about their ethnic breakdowns, their languages, and their folklore. Learn about their geographical make-up and what makes their economy tick. Learn about their Masjids (if it is a Muslim country) or learn about their different festivities.
Understanding that the world is made out of the diverse human race helps imbue the sense of humility and appreciation for others, as well as for ourselves. If there are opportunities for your children to have pen pals, look up like-minded parents who wish for the same.
Travelling the world from the comfort of your home helps increase knowledge and brings us closer to Allah, the way Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would have wanted.

4. Be the Advocate in Green
Have your kids take part in neighborhood clean-ups and other initiatives.
Prophet Muhammad loved the earth, as it was prescribed as the largest Masjid for us to worship Allah. He encouraged the planting of trees and kindness to animals. He also loved sports and being outdoors, appreciating Allah's beauty in this temporary abode. So get your children out and about and in tune with nature. Let them appreciate flowers and insects.
Start an organic garden. Take up a family sport. If your children are old enough, get them networked with green activists so they can be part of something bigger. Have them take part in neighborhood clean-ups and other initiatives. Everything they do to save the earth will bring them closer to Prophet Muhammad, who would have supported Earth Day, any day.

5.  Get in Touch with an Orphanage
Getting in touch with an orphanage to play a role in the upbringing of orphans is a great way to emulate Prophet Muhammad, who was an orphan himself. Prophet Muhammad declared his love for someone who strokes the hair or an orphan child.
Getting into orphan-friendly programs teaches our children the feelings of gratitude and humility. It helps us raise compassionate children who love to give to charity and appreciate all that they have.
Older children may be able to help teach classes at orphanages or organize fundraisers. Younger children may enjoy collecting donations for orphanages or participating in educational trips that are arranged by their parents and caretakers.
The list is endless when it comes to coming into contact with orphanages, and this is one of the best ways to illuminate our love for Prophet Muhammad.

6. Write a Letter to a Loved One
Keeping in touch with loved ones and acquaintances is part of the Prophet's sunnah. Prophet Muhammad  encouraged keeping in touch with friends and family at all times in order to build a healthy ummah (nation).
Have your children write letters or post cards to loved ones who are far away. Not only does this allow them to keep in touch, but also it encourages them to express themselves in writing.

7. Read a Surah and Study the Tafseer( Qur’anic interpretation)
The most obvious way to commemorate the life of Prophet Muhammad is to read the Qur'an.
There are plentiful of blessings in reading the Qur'an alone, and there are even more when it comes to understanding the message behind each surah (chapter) and thetafseer (interpretation)  as this allows us to practice the principle within the surah.
So learn a new surah and study the tafseer, this will surely bring our children closer to the piety of Prophet Muhammad and his love for Allah.

8. Make Du'a All the Time
Prophet Muhammad  was known to make du'a (invocations) for everything. And there is a list of du'as available to Muslims that they can practice in their daily lives.
However, du'as, or invocations, are not limited to those alone, and Muslims should call upon Allah all the time, as Prophet Muhammad did.
A du'a can open doors for guidance and protects us from evil, with Allah's will.

9. Meet Friends at the Masjid
Besides meeting for prayers and Qur'anic / Islamic classes, encourage your children to bring their own books or simple crafts projects.
Have your children meet with friends at the Masjid.
The Masjid, during the time of the Prophet, was the meeting point for Muslims, so it's great to make hanging out at the Masjid a social norm.
Besides meeting for prayers and Qur'anic / Islamic classes, encourage your children to bring their own books or simple crafts projects.
The more children enjoy being in the Masjid, the more likely will they find themselves returning, to find solace and relaxation and nurturing their love for a healthy social life, much like the youth during Prophet’s time.

10. Enjoy Some Dates
Lastly, one of the best ways to harness our love for Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is to harness our love for dates. There are plentiful of health benefits in enjoying dates on a daily basis and that is why it is an important sunnah. Children who eat dates are also reportedly more calm and at peace.
To put an interesting spin on things, try out date-based recipes that include puddings, cakes and stir-fries.
Definitely, there are many ways to imbue our love for Prophet Muhammad all year round.
Speaking to our children about Prophet Muhammad in everything we do helps them follow the footsteps of the final Messenger of Allah to do it conscientiously and with full of love. We should also continuously invoke blessings upon the Messenger of Allah and pray that our final abode in Jannah (Paradise) is as close as possible to his.

By Maria Zain


Jom sama2 amalkan. :)

Set Vitamin untuk Kanak-Kanak

Anak –anak selalu memilih makanan? Mak jadi pening kepala. Berat badan tak naik2, cepat
lesu, tak bertenaga. Mcmana nak focus time belajar kat sekolah nih..hmm... 

Set vitamin shaklee untuk kanak2 inshaallah dapat membantu kanak2 menambah selera makan, menampung zat2 / nutrient yg tak terambik, immune booster, menggalakkan perkembangan dan fungsi otak. Bila anak2 kita sihat, mereka akan lebih focus ketika belajar. 

  • Omegaguard menawarkan minyak ikan terbaik di dunia, diekstrak dari ikan laut air sejuk (sardin, mackerel, herring, anchovies) di perairan negara jepun. 
  • Minyak ikan paling tulen di dunia mengandungi rangkaian spectrum penuh 7 jenis asid lemak Omega 3 semulajadi termasuk EPA, DHA, ALA dan byk lagi. 
  • Membantu tumbesaran & perkembangan otak dan membantu perkembangan memori. DHA adalah nutrient utama untuk otak, sistem saraf dan retina. 
  • Meningkatkan sistem imun dan menyihatkan paru2. 

  • Mealshake mengandungi kesemua vitamin dan mineral serta protein, termasuk vitamin B dan zinc lengkap yang menjana selera makan kanak-kanak. 
  • Rasanya pun sedap.
  • Diperbuat daripada bahan semulajadi, buah-buahan, sayur-sayuran, kacang soya dan lain2. 
  • Nutrisi lengkap - vitamin, mineral dan zat perlu, sesuai untuk semua golongan- bayi, pelajar, kanak2 membesar, ibu mengandung, para atlet, pengamal sayur, org sakit, org yg sibuk bekerja. 

Set asas omegaguard+mealshakes dah cukup untuk anak2 anda untuk menampung keperluan2 nutrient/zat untuk kesihatan. Kalau ada bajet lebih, apa salahnya tambahkan vit c chew dan juga vitalea for children. Berilah yg terbaik untuk anak2 anda... tak payah kot nak berkira ngan anak2 pasal kesihatan. Kalau mainan kita sanggup beli beratus2, ini kan pula supplement yg bagus untuk anak2 kita kan? 

Tapi ingat, mengambil Mealshake atau vitamin2 lain untuk kanak2 (VitaLea For Children & Chewable Vita-C) tak bermakna anda boleh je sukahati bagi anak anda bebas makan makanan rapu, tgk tv, main game 24 jam. Pastikan anak-anak anda mendapat makanan berkhasiat jgk dlm pemakanan harian.

Hubungi saya dan LIKE Souq Vitamin untuk offer istimewa set kanak2 ni!

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p/s: Mealshake mengandungi vitamin dan mineral yang diperlukan oleh anak-anak yang sedang membesar. Jadi yg xde masalah selera makan pn boleh amik mealshake nih.

7 signs of a bad babysitter

Antara dilema ibu2 sekarang ialah mencari babysitter yg bagus, nursery mana yang elok, maid lagi lah xpayah cita. Saya ada pengalaman hantar anak ke rumah babysitter dan juga mengambil maid untuk jaga anak2 bila saya bekerja. Alhamdulillah, dengan doa2 yg tak putus2, saya tidak ada sebarang masalah2 besar dengan babysitter saya dan jugak2 maid2 yg pernah saya amik. 

Saya suka nak share sket dgn karenah maid nih. Yela, diaorang ni mcm2 karenah, masalah, tapi bagi saya as long as diaorg dpt jaga anak saya dgn baik, anak2 saya suka dgn maid, maka perkara2 yg lain mcm tak buat kerja rumah betul2 ke, malas nak cuci longkang ke, saya pejam sebelah mata ja. saya pernah tengking maid saya sbb dia tinggalkan anak2 saya di rumah, dan dia keluar ke masjid sbb nak baya zakat fitrah...adeeihhh... walaupn masjid tu dekat aje ngan rumah saya, tapi anything can happen in 1 second. niat dia mmg baik, xnak nyusahkan saya, tapi, cara dia tu tak kena. lepas dari itu, alhamdulillah, tiada lagi peristiwa2 yg menggoncang jiwa saya. ada la 2-3 perkara kecik sahaja yg saya kira, saya dah maafkan dia. kena give and take jgk laa..

Ohh sekarang saya tak perlu pening2 cari maid lagi, citer pasal maid lagi sbb saya bekerja dari rumah sekarang nih. anak2 semua di depan mata saya... alhamdulillahh :)

ok, berbalik pada kisah 7 signs of a bad babysitter. Jom kita check samada benda2 ni pernah/sedang terjadi pada kita. Mintak2la dijauhkan..

Your baby isn't happy to see the sitter and has become anxious and withdrawn. A regular caregiver can never replace Mom or Dad, but a baby needs to trust and love his babysitter. Perhaps your child and caregiver haven't bonded, or the babysitter just isn't providing the kind of warmth and comfort your child needs. As in every human relationship, having the right chemistry is important. (If you suspect something more serious is wrong, educate yourself about the signs of child abuse.)

Your babysitter seems secretive about how they spent the day. How your baby and his caregiver spend their time shouldn't be a secret. When you come home, you're probably eager to hear about your child and what happened while you were apart. If your caregiver isn't forthcoming about it, either she's not good at communicating with you or she has something to hide. Even a caregiver whose English is limited should be able to convey the ups and downs of your baby's day, and will understand why you want to know.

Your baby has been in one too many easily avoidable accidents. A babysitter must keep her eye on your child and know what he's doing at all times to prevent injury. She may be leaving your child unattended as he sleeps or plays.

You notice your requests aren't followed. Both of you are working together to care for your child, so a caregiver shouldn't act as if she knows more about him and childrearing than you do.

Your babysitter often shows up late. An undependable caregiver will leave you in the lurch time and time again. Find someone who you know is committed to the job and considerate of your needs. Tardiness and unexplained absences may mean she's unreliable in other ways as well.

Your baby often looks unkempt and dirty. If your little one's caregiver can't take care of the basics, it may be a sign that she's not on the ball when it comes to meeting your child's needs.

Her stories don't add up. Never tolerate someone who steals, lies, or deceives you in any way. You have to be able to trust your caregiver for the relationship to work.

taken from www.babycenter.com

Set Hamil Lengkap Pilihan Ibu Bijak (Part2)

Ok ok ok ... jom sambung, apa khasiat vitamin-vitamin untuk ibu2 hamil nih yeee...

Vitalea (Multivitamin) with iron formula

Mengandungi 12 vitamin dan 9 mineral penting yang lengkap untuk keperluan tubuh seharian. Membantu meningkatkan kecerdasan minda dan sistem imuniti badan. Memulihkan selera makan dan melancarkan process pencernaan. Penting bagi prosess pertumbuhan. Menyeimbangkan hormon dan bahan kimia dalam badan. Melengkapkan nutrient yang kurang. Membantu penyerapan zat dari makanan.

Zat besi pula sangat penting dalam pembentukan sel darah merah kerana ibu2 kehilangan byk darah ketika melahirkan. Kekurangan zat besi boleh menyebabkan ibu kelihatan pucat, letih , lesu dan tak bermaya.

Vita-C Sustained Release

Membantu dalam meningkatkan imuniti badan. Membantu dalam penyerapan zat besi. Membantu dalam proses pemulihan sel, seperti luka. Membina kolagen untuk menguatkan dan menyegahkan tisu dalam badan. Menjaga ketahanan badan dari selsema. Menstabilkan bahan kimia dalam badan.

Vitamin C Shaklee melepaskan vitamin c secara sedikit demi sedikit mengikut keperluan badan. Vitamin C adalah jenis vitamin larut air maka konsep pelepasan masa ini sangat bagus demi memastikan badan kita sentiasa cukup vitamin c dalam meningkatkan antibodi secara berterusan. Jadi ia sangat perlu dalam membantu badan pulih dari proses kelahiran.

B Complex

Menukarkan gula dalam darah kepada tenaga. Mencegah kelesuan dan kemurungan. Membantu melancaran urat saraf. Mengelakkan stress. Mengelakkan sembelit.

B-Complex juga perlu dalam penghasilan sel darah merah. Ia membantu menstabilkan hormon badan manusia. Kekurangan B complex boleh menyebabkan ibu yang di dalam pantang mengalami gangguan emosi.B complex sangat penting membantu kita menjadi bertenaga dan emosi turut lebih seimbang.


Makanan yang mengandungi 8 enzim pencernaan dalam kuantiti yang secukupnya unutk membantu pencernaan bagi kesemua tiga kelas makanan. Mengandungi 10 vitamin, 15 mineral, gentian dan amat kaya protein. Mengatasi sakit sendi. Membanyakkan susu badan.

Ostematrix (Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D)

Untuk tulang dan gigi yang kuat. Mencegah kekejangan otot (cramp). Membantu dalam pembekuan darah. Menstabilka denyutan jantung. Mengurangkan migrain. Membaiki stimulasi urat saraf.


Menyembuhkan luka.Terlibat dalam penghasilan insulin.Mengekalkan rangsangan bau dan rasa. Mengawal kelemumur.

Zinc adalah antara galian yang sangat penting dalam membantu proses pemulihan. Zinc membantu proses pembaikan luka dalam badan kita. Ikan haruan kaya dengan zinc. Pengambilan zinc bagi ibu yang menyusu turut membantu anak yang disusukan membesar dengan baik dan mengikut graf pembesaran bayi.


Mengurangkan kolesterol.Membina sel otak.Mengurangkan sakit sendi.Mengurangkan risiko sakit jantung. Menggalakkan fungsi otak, sistem saraf dan fungsi mata melalui pemakanan.

So, apa tunggu lagi kawan2 semua.... jom order dengan saya. Kalau rasa nak bajet kurang sket, pun boleh, set hamil ni hanyalah cadangan. Boleh di adjust mengikut bajet anda 

PM hanim or wassap di +974 55273585 untuk order
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Set Hamil Shaklee Lengkap Pilihan Ibu Bijak

Saya mula mengenali Shaklee dekat fb lah. Ramai sungguh kawan2 saya yg jadi agent Shaklee. Maka saya pn teruja lah nak cuba. Masa tu saya hamil dah 3rd trimester dah. Tgk byk sgt testimoni yg cakap Shaklee ni bagus, maka saya pun cuba. Dan alhamdulillah, mmg betul apa yg diperkatakan oleh kawan2 saya yg dok promote Shaklee tu. Alhamdulillah, saya rasa sihat, cergas semasa dlm pantang walaupun saya c-sec. Siap boleh travel balik ke doha pada minggu yg ketiga. masih dlm pantang tu..

Sekarang baby saya dah masuk 5 bulan, dan masih exclusive on breastfeeding dan saya masih lagi mengambil supplement2 semulajadi shaklee dan akan terus mengambilnya untuk memastikan saya dan baby saya mendapat nutrient2 dan khasiat2 yg terbaik, InsyaAllah...

Nak tahu apa yg saya amik?

Ha, ini dia...

Masa pregnant, saya amik ESP, Vit C Vitalea, B Complex dan Ostematrix. Saya mula2 amik tu masa start bulan puasa. Alhamdulillah, saya berpuasa macam biasa, tanpa sebarang masalah dan bertenaga!. Oh ya, lupa, saya juga ada mengambil Performance Drink supaya saya tidak dehydrated masa puasa. Masa sahur, saya masih ingat, saya bancuh ESP + Performance Drink. Mmg sedap :)

Masa pantang, saya tambah Zinc dan selepas pantang plak saya tambah Alfalfa untuk milk booster.

Nak tahu apa kelebihannya?

Tunggu post yang seterusnya ya... :)

Eh jap jap,, ok lah..saya bagi satu dulu ye..iaitu ESP..ESP bagi kulit baby saya cantik, gebu, rasa mcm nak cubit2.. :) dan yg best, tak pernah kena nappy rash pn alhamdulillah. Anak2 saya yg lain dulu2 masa  kecik mesti kena nappy rash..kali ni tak pernah kena, alhamdulillah alhamdullillah... nak tahu khasiat ESP lagi, boleh click kat sini >> ESP bagi kulit cantik. 

ok khasiat2 supplement lain, tunggu post yg akan datang ye...

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Adakah Vitamin E yang anda ambil lengkap?

Vitamin E Shaklee adalah vitamin yang paling lengkap di pasaran kerana diperbuat dari minyak soya organik dan minyak biji gandum, yang kaya dengan Vitamin E, diekstrak d-alpha tocopheryl, d-alpha tocopheral yang aktif secara fisiologi dan digabungkan dengan 8 jenis vitamin E (alpha, beta, gama, delta). Ianya  mengandungi 10mg selenium semulajadi yang membantu tubuh kita menyerap vitamin E,memelihara membran  sel-sel,sel darah merah dan tisu -tisu otot.Ianya juga adalah penyahtoksik  semulajadi logam berat seperti raksa,kadmium dan mengukuhkan anti-oksidan dan melindungi retina.

Manfaat utama Vitamin E ialah : 

Melindungi jantung

Pengambilan harian 800IU vitamin E untuk jantung yang sihat; melindungi sel darah merah untuk mengelakkan pengasidan lipid; meningkatkan koleterol HDL; mengurangkan tekanan darah; menghalang platelet darah melekat kedinding arteri; menghalang anemia hemolitik, penyakit jantung dll.

Mempertingkatkan Kemampuan Reproduktif

Kajian pada tahun 1924, mendapati vitamin E mampu memulihkan  kemampuan reproduktif. Para lelaki  yang mengambil 600IU-800IU vitamin E sehari mampu  meningkatkan kiraan sperma mereka.


1 kapsul Vitamin E sehari membantu melambatkan penuaan, mengurangkan kedut, garis halus, parut, akne dan bintik penuaan. Ianya mampu memulihkan tekstur kulit dan ton muka, dada dan otot peha. 

Anti-oksidan yang kuat

Pengambilan lebih dari 1,200 IU sehari untuk anti-oksidan yang kuat dan berkesan untuk melawan kanser, mengukuhkan system imun, menghalang atau melambatkan pertumbuhan tumor, mengurangkan kerosakan akibat radikal bebas. Ianya juga memperbaiki masalah oksidasi-katarak dan masalah penglihatan.

Kelestarian Tenaga

Meningkatkan kelestarian seksual dan tenaga dengan membekalkan oksijen yang lebih. 

Memperbaiki Arthritis 

Meningkatkan keanjalan salur darah, memperbaiki kitaran darah, merawat bahu kejang, pening, buasir, urat varikos, sakit sendi.

Menghalang keguguran

Merawat musculus pectoralis fibrosis otot dada, sindrom prahaid dan sindrom menopaus seperti hot flush. Digunakan pada ujian klinikal untuk menghalang kematian janin, keguguran. 

Memperbaiki parut

Memperbaiki bengkak dan ulser kulit. Boleh dikenakan terus pada luka untuk mengurangkan kesan parut.

So, bagaimana dengan Vitamin E yang anda ambil sekarang? Masih tak lengkap? Sekiranya anda sayangkan badan anda, tukarlah pada Shaklee yang bukan saja lengkap dgn semua nutrisi tapi, selamat, berkesan dan semulajadi.  

Oh, tak lupa juga, saya ingin mencadangkan, untuk kulit yang gebu, mulus, mantopss.. bole cuba set Vitamin Untuk Kulit Cantek << kilk kat sini, di mana Vitamin E adalah salah satu daripadanya. 

Ingin dapatkan Vitamin E Shaklee yang ini? Hubungi saya sekarang untuk konsultasi PERCUMA!

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10 best food for babies

Falisha si comel dah 4 bulan lebih. Saya masih teragak2 untuk memberi dia solid food. Rasanya biar tunggu 6 bulan baru mula kenalkan dia ngan solid food. Nak tahu samaada baby kita da ready ke tak, bole tgk checklist nih. 

1. Head control.Tengkuknya dah kuat utk angkat kepala.
2. Mcm terliur bile tgk kita makan..hihihi.. tgk makanan masuk dlm mulut kita, air liur pn meleleh..
3. Berat badan da naik. Double masa mula2 dia dilahirkan.
4. Nmpak dia mcm lapar je sentiasa.
5. Baby da boleh duduk, so that she can swallow the food well. 

Falisha blom boleh duduk. So, kita tunggu 6 bulan je baru bagi solid food. Biar dia full on breastfeed smpai umo 6 bulan, InsyaAllah.. 

So, apa 10 best food for babies? Taken from www.babycenter.com. Tak sabar nak buat baby food. :). Simple, just steam and blend.... yg mcm2 serving idea kat bawah ni, sapa2 rajin bole la try. 


Squash is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, is naturally sweet, and has a pleasing, creamy texture.
Serving idea: Sprinkle parmesan cheese and a little chili seasoning on half a squash, roast it, and scoop out a serving for your baby, suggests pediatrician Susanna Block, owner of World Baby Foods, an ethnic baby food line. "Cooked squash with a little cilantro, mild chiles, and garbanzo beans are another great combination," she says.


Crammed with protein and fiber, lentils pack a powerful nutritional punch. They're also one of the cheapest healthy foods you can buy.
Serving idea: Combine cooked lentils with mixed vegetables, rice, and seasonings of your choice. "Try basil and oregano," suggests dietitian Karin Hosenfeld of North Dallas Nutrition. "Or toss in a bay leaf, which works really well with lentils." (Remove the bay leaf before serving.)

Dark green leafy vegetables

Leafy greens boast high amounts of iron and folate. While spinach is perhaps the best known of this group, there are many other varieties, including kale, chard, and collard greens.
Serving idea: Steam and puree a batch of greens, then mix with iron-fortified cereal to give your baby a double dose of iron. Experiment with the proportions to see what your baby likes; Hosenfeld suggests starting with two parts veggie to one part cereal.


Brimming with folate, fiber, and calcium, broccoli is also known for its cancer-fighting properties, says dietitian Kate Geagan, author of Go Green, Get Lean. And thanks to its sulfur compounds, it has a unique flavor that can help expand your baby's tastes.
Serving idea: Steam pieces until soft, then chill. "Steaming takes the bite out of broccoli," says Hosenfeld. "And chilled broccoli is sometimes better accepted by babies. It can also be soothing during teething."


The deep, brilliant blue of these berries comes from flavonoids called anthocyanins, which are good for your baby's eyes, brain, and even urinary tract, says Stephen Gass, co-author of Mix and Mash: Adventures in the Kitchen for Baby and You.
Serving Idea: Gass suggests this easy blueberry soup: Combine 1 cup of blueberries with one-quarter cup of water in a bowl, microwave for one minute, and let cool. Then swirl some plain yogurt on top. 


"Avocados are a rich source of unsaturated fats," says nutritionist Leanne Cooper, author of What Do I Feed My Baby: A Step-by-Step Guide to Solids. "In fact, the fat composition is somewhat similar to that of breast milk." Concerned about your baby eating fatty food? Don't be. "Unsaturated fat is the good kind of fat, and babies need it for brain development," says pediatrician Ari Brown, co-author of Baby 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Your Baby's First Year.
Serving idea: Try combining mashed avocado with other foods, such as cream cheese, apples, or canned fish, suggests Cooper. And when it's playgroup time, ditch the crackersand take an avocado along instead. "Avocados can travel in your bag at room temperature and you can offer them in slivers or spread on toast fingers while you sip coffee with your friends," she says.


Many of us don't think of meat as a typical baby food, but it's one of Brown's top choices. "Meat is a great source of zinc and iron," she explains.
Serving idea: Cook stew! "Stew is the ideal baby food – easy to make, easy to chew, and endless in its variety," says Matthew Amster-Burton, author of Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father's Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater. Experiment with adding different veggies and seasonings, such as ginger and parsley. And the best part? Tough, cheap meats (like chuck) work best, says Amster-Burton, whose own family dines on stew almost weekly. Just be sure to cook the stew long enough for the meat to turn soft and scrumptious. 


Prunes have lots of fiber and can help relieve constipation – which, notes Brown, your baby may experience after you introduce solids.
Serving idea: Puree prunes and serve them straight or mixed with other foods, such as cereal or applesauce, for a naturally sweet treat. If your baby is badly constipated, Brown advises adding a teaspoon or two of prune juice to formula or expressed breast milk.

Garbanzo beans

Like lentils and other beans, garbanzos are rich in protein and fiber, says Geagan. They're also inexpensive and versatile.
Serving idea: Try hummus. You can find it in many grocery stores, or make your own by pureeing cooked garbanzo beans with garlic, lemon, olive oil, and tahini. You can also make a delectable finger food by sautéing or roasting the beans. "I have a 19-month-old daughter who loves chickpeas sautéed in a pan with seasonings and left out for her to munch," says mom Christina DeLuca.

Mandarin oranges

High in vitamin C and antioxidants, mandarin oranges are a supreme finger food. "Babies really love the flavor," says Hosenfeld.
Serving idea: This is a particularly easy one to prepare – just cut the segments into bite-size pieces and serve. You can buy mandarin oranges fresh or canned, but make sure the canned version is packed in water, not syrup, which contains added sugar.

Why must Shaklee?

Mesti ramai tertanya2 kenapa pilih shaklee? Sebenarnya Shaklee telah terbukti secara klinikal ianya sentiasa SEMULAJADI SELAMAT, BERKESAN dan TERBUKTI selama lebih 50 tahun.


-Lebih 83,000 ujian kualiti setiap tahun.
-Menjalankan lebih 350 ujian ke atas bahan-bahan botani yang baru.
-Jaminan & kesucian
-100% kepuasan dijamin


-USD 300 juta dilaburkan dalam R&D
-100 kajian klinikal diterbitkan
-55 paten
-54 pingat emas Olimpik yang dimenangi oleh atlet yang menggunakan produk shaklee.


-Tiada perasa tiruan
-Tiada pemanis tiruan
-Tiada ujian haiwan
-Tiada bahan kimia
-Pembungkusan adalah bebas bisphenol-A, phthalates dan dakwat toksik

Kita semua ni mesti nak lebih sihat kan? susah la kalau asik sakit2 je. Lagi2 surirumah mcm saya nih. kalau sakit, takdak sapa nak tolong cover buat keja rumah. lain la kalau keje pejabat. bole kenyit2 mata kat bos kata nak baring kejap dalam surau, atau, nak pi klinik, untung2 dapat MC. So, opismate kat sebelah la kena cover kejap hehehe..

Tapi, kena ingat jgk, sakit ke, sihat ke, semuanya datang dari Allah. Yg penting kita kena berusaha. kalau sakit jgk, kita kena ingat itu semua ujian Allah, sebagai kifarah penghapus dosa2 kita.

So, bila teringat shaklee, ingatlah 3 perkara di atas iaitu selamat, berkesan dan mesra alam.

bole juga layari Shaklee untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut product2 shaklee.

Hubungi saya sekarang

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Simptom-simptom sendi yang tak sihat
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